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Specify your own MG
MG inside

It is like buying a brand new car. You can specify what you want. The only difference is you get even more choices. You can choose the standard 4 cylinder MGB engine or go for the Rover V8 option that gives far more power. The V8 engine weighs only slightly more than the 1800 B engine, so handling is unaffected

But there are more options to help you benefit from the increased power - the suspension can be up-rated by lowering the springs, the handling improved with the addition of an anti-roll bar at the front and a pair of anti-tramp bars for the rear springs. Brakes can be up-rated too. And the list goes on - paint, instrumentation, dash, exhaust, wheels and tyres, leather, the list is endless, the choice is yours. You will end up with a fabulously refurbished MG built to your specification. A modern classic, fast, safe, reliable, a head turner without the disadvantages of running a classic sports car.

Every Heritage rebuild uses a complete heritage body shell including doors, bonnet, tailgate or bootlid. Interior trim set, carpet set, leather front seat covers, hood, bumpers, side trims, grills, tyres, batteries, stainless steel exhaust, wiring loom, drop glass, windscreen, all service items and rubber seals are standard. Extras are added to your specification.

We firmly believe in the customer keeping in contact throughout the buildtime and encourage visits to check on our quality workmanship. The quality is as great as the specification! See for yourself how it is done from our photo history and description

MGC engine
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